GoldTrading - Your reliable partner in China!

Our activity is to search product in China, finding manufacturers in China, delivery of goods from China in the CIS, customs clearance, providing translators in China, furniture tours in China, quality control of goods in China, contracts, inspection of factories in China, remittances China and so on.

GoldTrading - is the best solutions for all your business projects in China!

Gold-trading company was founded in 2008 in China and successfully providing services in the field of foreign trade at the present moment. We have gained great experience and established profitable business relationships with numerous Chinese companies, as well as companies and private businessmen from the CIS

Trust your business GoldTrading in China and have at your disposal a powerful team of professionals in areas such as: search for products and suppliers, a translator in China, transactions, quality control, collection and delivery of goods from China to CIS and etc.

We try to be the best partner for our customers in doing business in China, to provide high quality service in finding products, transactions and shipment of goods from China to CIS countries and strengthening trust.

Why Choose Us?

Years of experience in China

Gold-trading company has been working for many years of successful experience in China. When doing business with China you should take into account the many nuances. Long practice of business in China gives us a notion of where to start from, you need to consider, and how to achieve the goal. By choosing us as a partner, our customers get a powerful system of doing business in China as the face of Gold-trading. We have extensive experience in areas such as product searching, OEM orders or bookings, quality control, cargo consolidation, delivery of goods, working with samples of customer contracts, the provision of translators, shuttle service and more. Trusting your business in experienced hands you ensure successful alignment of your business projects.

Wide range of services

Working with China are faced with many questions where to start, how to find the right product, how to sign a contract, how to collect the goods as delivered to the recipient how to get exactly the product that matches the request. Our company provides a full answer to all these questions. Applied client to Gold-trading receives a full understanding of circuit operation with China. We offer a range of services from A to Z, which includes finding the right products and suppliers, providing catalogs and price lists from factories, providing the necessary samples, calculate delivery of goods from China, contracts, transfers of funds in China, product quality control, consolidation goods, delivery of goods, customs clearance of goods, visiting exhibitions, providing translators, as well as individual requests (Job in China, visa to China, honey treatment. centers of China studies at universities in China, etc.).

Individual approach

Requirements of our customers are different scales and different profiles. To date, Gold-trading has regular clients from countries such as Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Georgia. Frequently requested products of our customers is furniture and sanitary ware, construction materials, clothing and accessories, appliances, equipment, lighting and lighting fixtures, souvenirs, toys, auto parts and accessories from China. The broad category of customers and products is forcing us to choose an individual approach to each order, taking into account the client’s preferences and nuances of a particular item.

Integrity and Professionalism

While doing business in such a large and extensive country like China, it is very important to be confident in the professionalism and integrity of partners. 99% of businessmen working with China have bitter experience disappointments. Some of people faced with inexperienced partners or fall for the tricks of swindlers who took advantage of unfamiliarity with the language and so on, which inflicted heavy damage businessmen who elected their representatives on other criteria. Honesty and professionalism is success of our company, as well as our customers.

Recommendations of our Clients

Very important for us is to meet customer demands. Goal of our staff – customer satisfaction at all stages of work. A recommendation of our clients is the result of trust. We have a broad base of customers in different countries, which is safe to recommend Gold-trading Company as a reliable partner.

Advantage rates

At all scales, the services offered Gold-trading policy complies with flexible and competitive rates. This is a pledge of our continued mutual cooperation.

Your Statistics With GoldTrading

The success of projects / 100%
The increase in profit for the year from / 69%
The reduction in transport costs from / 32%
Reduction of price of the goods from / 18%

Frequently Asked Questions

On the Internet a million ads on various websites about providing translation services in China. 90% of these advertisements from students who are studying in Universities of China, who want to earn some money and to practice your Chinese in the face of an interpreter in China. We STRONGLY recommend NOT to USE the services of students for serious business purposes. Reasons enough: they have not attended school, they don’t know what business, often they are not responsible for serious and so on. And for entertainment and tourism travel services translation students in China, quite suitable.
The remaining 10% ads on the Internet from private translators and companies that offer their employees as an interpreter in China. Among those, and those are Chinese citizens and immigrants from the CIS.

Private translators in China
Most private translators permanently live and work in China. List a few positive qualities by which you can choose private interpreter in China for business negotiations: some of them have personal transport, some good command of languages, some good knowledge of the terrain, some good understanding of business and production, some have very good business communication in logistics, some have good database to the factories and goods, and a reliable and responsible. If all these qualities be together in one person is the one translator in China, which need to hire for business trips. But rarely for communication over the Internet even on arrival in China you can understand owns the candidate with these qualities. How to be in this case?

Translator in China from companies
We advise to turn to companies that offer the service of an interpreter in China. Since they already until You have been selected by some criteria of its employees for the position of translator in China. Most often appealing to such a company, you will have at your disposal: a quality translator in China, to which You have already participated in many projects, logistic schemes from the company which provides You with an interpreter in China, established a company database connections in business areas of China for the solution of different issues, reliability and guarantor of a company that provides You with an interpreter in China.
Ask contract for the provision of translator services in China. If a candidate is unable to provide You with the usual contract for the services of transtaors in China so consider whether to hire him as an interpreter in China for serious business projects.

Buy phone number very easy at all airports in China. As well you can buy phone numbers in shops selling phones and accessories to them. At purchase it is necessary to ask the seller to check the balance on the account. The approximate price of a regular 3G in China 80-150 yuan. Mobile operators China provide the primary balance in different size. Usually 50 or 100 yuan. At the moment all operators of cellular communication support and sell 3G and even 4G network. So getting the number you get Internet package. It would be good to ask the seller to register room on Your passport. In case of lost or blocking for long periods of inactivity, you can easily restore your Chinese number from your cell operator.