Delivery From China to Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine. Cargo from Guangzhou

Gold-trading company more than 6 years successfully works and thrives in such a complex area as logistics and shipping from China in various CIS countries. You will be pleasantly surprised by our prices and terms of delivery.

Delivery from China to CIS

Gold-trading Company successfully engaged in the delivery of goods from China to CIS countries. Currently shipping goods from China is carried out in the following countries as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia for many years. For each country, our company has developed individual and multifunctional system deliveries such as w / d transportation, air transportation, sea transportation, and so on. Some possible delivery options and rates you can find in the table at right.

Profitable Delivery - Correct Calculation

Rates for calculating the amount Rates of the delivery is differ depending on delivery address, date, weight, contain, shipping name and etc.
For example, a customer wants to order the delivery of cargo from Guangzhou to Azerbaijan weighing 400 kg in a volume of 1 m ³ and does not require express delivery.
For such goods, the best option is shipping from China prefabricated shipping, as if even in terms of the cargo is delivered to the addressee 25-30 days, it costs just $ 400 is obtained taking into account the fact that the air service would be cost about $ 2800, that is 7 times more expensive. Consider another example: a weight of 100 kg at a volume of 1.2m ³ to be delivered from China to Astana considering that the customer service a priority in the short term. In this scenario, the most profitable courier service from China to Kazakhistan, as the price for shipping will be cost about $ 500-700 in terms of 7-12 days.
But a cargo delivery by such parameters collection container would cost about $ 540 in terms of 15-22 days. According to the above examples it is clear that there are many options for the delivery of goods from China. To clarify the routes and tariffs deliveries of your goods from China, you should write to us or call our contact phone numbers. After you verify the data loads and whereabouts we give you all sorts of options for delivery of your goods from anywhere in China to address within 1-2 working days. We will to note that in most cases we shall deliver cargo shipping rates from China include customs duties. This means that you do not have to carry your cargo customs clearance on arrival.

GoldTrading - Reliable and Fast Delivery from China

The most important condition for us is delivery on time from Chine. We do not just promise to deliver on time and we are guaranteed! Over a long period of work in the field of logistics and delivery of cargoes from China, our company has extensive experience in finding the best solutions taking into account the issues raised such nuances as profitable route, cargo composition, safety, reliability, packaging, export permit from China, permit entry into the country of the recipient and so on.
Gold-trading is an import-export company that has all the powers of the export of goods from China. Our client list for the delivery of goods from China is increasing every day and we hope to see you in this list. Hurry up and get your goods delivering to Us!

Tariffs - Shipping from Guangzhou

Guangzhou-AZERBAIJAN- by air, by sea
1CBM-400 $ -more/25-30 days
1kg-$ 7 –air/7-12days

Guangzhou-KAZAKHSTAN by railway / by air,
1CBM-450 $ -container/15-22dney
1kg-5-7 $ -express/7-12days

Guangzhou-UKRAINE- by air, by sea
1kg-$ 14 -air/7-10days
1kg-$ 7 -sea/25-30days

Guangzhou-RUSSIA-by air, by sea, w / d
8.5-1 kg $ -air/5-7days
1 kg-$ 6 -express/12-15days
1 kg-3-5-$ r/w delivery /22-25days

Guangzhou-GEORGIA w / d, by sea
1 CBM-450 $ / 20days

INSIDE CHINA- by air, r / w
1 kg-1-2yuan r / w delivery/3-6days
1 kg-13yuan- air/1-2days

Booking Online Delivery from China

Please carefully fill out the required fields to order your shipment from China. When all the fields are filled in correctly, we can count your shipment from China to your destination in the shortest possible time.


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    Currently shipping cargo from China is carried out in Russia, Kazakhistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine.
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    GoldTrading company provides their clients with translation services in Guangzhou. Languages: Chinese, English, Russian, Kazakh, Azeri and so on.
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    Need you a permanent agent of your business interests in China? The main goal of our company is to become the agent in China for all of our partners. By combining our efforts, we can create a powerful mechanism for business with China.
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    We can organize for you thoughtful furniture tour, taking into your all wishes. Reservation of tickets, hotels and free transfer.
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    Did you know that you can save a lot of money by properly loading the container and paperwork? How will you do it?
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    The largest web marketplace of China is TaoBao at your service. We will help you redeem of the goods, collecting them, delivering.
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    Need you to transfer money to China? Do you want to pay to the factory for goods? Looking for options how to exchange your currency for the yuan? We will help you in all of this.
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    For our clients we provide our warehouses across China for the convenience of the collection and consolidation of cargo. This greatly simplifies the overall system cost for the preparation of further shipment from China.
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    Legally competent contract is an essential condition of successful work with Chinese partners. Preparing and signings the agreement by GoldTrading is guarantee for yourself.
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    You order products from different suppliers in China – We collect all of the goods, baggage, check and pack them, we prepare to ship. Everything is established easy and convenient.
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    “Quality control” Service is one of the most important benefits of working with us. Until shipment suppliers are checked performance of work by our employees on all points of the contract.
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