WE will find all the products YOU need and will contact You directly with the manufacturer in China.

Looking for Products and Manufacturers?

Looking for reliable manufacturers from China and do not want to risk it? Lack of experience in sourcing products in China, it is very difficult to navigate among multiple vendors. To find a factory in China is easy, but it is likely that you will choose a defective product, or encounter an unscrupulous seller.
Gold-trading company has already done everything for you!
Constantly monitoring of the Chinese market is one of the priorities of our work. Huge current base (about 10 thousand) proven manufacturing plants in various fields, allows us to optimize searching for the right products. Years of experience doing business in China, as well as the ability to analyze and consider some of the nuances, such as value for money, geography, and other production, contributes to efficient retrieval of specific products and suppliers.

How We are Looking for Suppliers

Often the goods on the market or available online resources do not meet the necessary requirements. What is the difference to search in China using Gold-trading Company system and surfing from Internet?

  • In order to find a manufacturer in China, we are acting on behalf of our Chinese company. The producers checked on parameters such as location, documents, permission to manufacture, annual cash turnover.
  • We cycle friendly contacts and personal connections. As members of several industry associations, we have access to confidential information about the real production and power producers, which in the case of China is very important.
  • Acting in the territory of China, we meet and negotiate with the owners of businesses and build partnerships, controlling the production process at all stages personally.

Below shows the percentage of options to simultaneously searching of desired product or products in China under the frame of Gold Trading

Results 94%
Search on the database GoldTraing
Results 75%
By meetings on fairs and exibitions
Results 68%
Search on partner recomendations
Results 53%
Search from business resources of China

Trust the Professionals

Gold-trading company – is a professional reliable searching of Chinese products and manufacturers. Now, in order to find goods in China you will not need to search longer suitable manufacturers, to study range, specifications of providing a complete set of products, cost of products, possible condition of payment, delivery terms.
All this Gold-trading specialists take over!
For example, you want to find equipment in China. You only need to make a booking with a detailed description of its technical characteristics, specify the desired size, quantity, destination goal, as well as the desired price level. Just in time you get it to the warehouse, along with a complete set of documents proving the legal origin. Samples will be available on request.

Searching Terms of Products and Manufacturers

After receipt of an order to search for products or manufacturers in China, we seek to fit the needs of all over China and provide you with a full assessment of the cost of goods, shipping, customs clearance and other costs related to the supply and further preparation for the implementation of the CIS within a few working days (1-2). Thus you get more information (prices, photos, dimensions, packaging options and delivery charges to the recipient) from several suppliers, carefully selected for reliability parameters in order to reduce risks. These data will be sufficient for further independent work with the manufacturers and to decide whether to engage in this product group or not.

Our Advantages

An important advantage of Gold-trading is the knowledge and ongoing analysis of the Chinese market. High professionalism of our employees, careful approach to individual requirements of our customers, as well as search for optimal ways of interaction allows you to quickly perform tasks of any complexity. You only need to correct description of the required products and producer.

Cooperation with our company will create a business based on the sale of products from China, even those who do not have specific knowledge in foreign trade. Now you can apply to our company and to resort to a full range of services. Our task is to find a factory in China, to generate the optimal solution and implement it for you effectively.
Trusting control important aspects of business professionals Gold-trading, you will go to development and flourishing surely. Call us, we will be happy to help!

Our Services


Currently shipping cargo from China is carried out in Russia, Kazakhistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine.
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GoldTrading company provides their clients with translation services in Guangzhou. Languages: Chinese, English, Russian, Kazakh, Azeri and so on.
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Need you a permanent agent of your business interests in China? The main goal of our company is to become the agent in China for all of our partners. By combining our efforts, we can create a powerful mechanism for business with China.
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We can organize for you thoughtful furniture tour, taking into your all wishes. Reservation of tickets, hotels and free transfer.
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Did you know that you can save a lot of money by properly loading the container and paperwork? How will you do it?
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The largest web marketplace of China is TaoBao at your service. We will help you redeem of the goods, collecting them, delivering.
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Need you to transfer money to China? Do you want to pay to the factory for goods? Looking for options how to exchange your currency for the yuan? We will help you in all of this.
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For our clients we provide our warehouses across China for the convenience of the collection and consolidation of cargo. This greatly simplifies the overall system cost for the preparation of further shipment from China.
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Legally competent contract is an essential condition of successful work with Chinese partners. Preparing and signings the agreement by GoldTrading is guarantee for yourself.
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You order products from different suppliers in China – We collect all of the goods, baggage, check and pack them, we prepare to ship. Everything is established easy and convenient.
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“Quality control” Service is one of the most important benefits of working with us. Until shipment suppliers are checked performance of work by our employees on all points of the contract.
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